About Me

  • Have Owned Over 30,000 .COM Domain Names (Ship.com, Box.com, Clothes.com, Invent.com, Discounts.com, and more.)
  • First Known "Million Dollar Day" Online Product Launch ($1.080.496 in sales during first 24 hours of marketing campaign.)
  • Top Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategic Advisor (Crafted an offer for a client that has generated over $100 Million in sales.)
  • Avid World Traveller & Adventure Seeker (Nearing 100 countries visited. Always Planning the next adventure...)

Are You A Digital Entrepreneur?


Hi, my name is John Reese (which you've probably figured out by now) and I wanted to say 'thanks' for visiting my web site...

I've been successfully building online businesses for over 20+ years, and still love every day of it! I'm currently building two startups: one SAAS company and one ecommerce products company.

My SAAS company is called GERU, and it's a digital marketing simulator tool for online entrepreneurs. It's currently in closed-beta with plans for a public launch before the end of 2017.

My ecommerce product company is currently in 'stealth mode' but hope to share more details about it with you very soon.

On 'the side' I also enjoy helping other entrepreneurs by sharing my own marketing tests, traffic experiments, and my personal journey as a Digital Entrepreneur. (That's what this site is all about.)

If you're serious about building a wildly succesful online business, I highly recommend you do TWO things...

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ask@johnreese.com - For all marketing related questions (I'll do my best to answer the ones I receive on the podcast.) Please include your name and location.

contact@johnreese.com - For all other inquiries.