I’m no longer teaching/selling marketing or business classes. I’m also no longer publishing an email newsletter. Teaching was always just a part-time focus for me over the years while I was working on other businesses (which my past students know.) I’m now just spending all of my time on other ventures and with my family. As many know that were on my old newsletter list, I experienced a couple of difficult deaths in my immediate family. This eventually happens to everyone in life, but it’s a reminder to do our best to spend time with family while we still can.

If you stumbled upon some of my old content and came here looking for other courses, sorry about that. Today there are thousands upon thousands of teachers across the Internet that are sharing things about online marketing & entrepreneurship. I recommend people start with YouTube as there are now tons of solid marketing/SEO/business videos available for free. If you’re looking for more specific teaching about a certain topic, I’d recommend looking for it on Udemy as a next step. Just read the student reviews and you can usually determine which courses are good or not. Udemy often will run promotions for $10 courses, so you can find some decent ones pretty cheap.

I also wanted to mention (in case someone wanted to ask) I'm not available for interviews, consulting, or mentoring of any kind. I just don't have the time. And in case you were wondering, I don’t have any personal accounts on Social Media. After spending so much of my life online since the Web took-off in the mid-1990s, I now realize how so much of it can be a waste of time like watching TV. So every year that goes by I find myself spending less and less time online. I also happen to think that Social Media is the worst thing that ever happened for the development of children and young adults. But maybe I’m just an old mid-life guy speeding toward his retirement years.

If for some reason you needed support for a previous class you purchased in the past (like for some of the files) you can email johnreesehelp@gmail.com and my support staff will see if we still have the files on our server somewhere; a lot of the older stuff we no longer have online.

All the best to you and your family, and best of luck with all of your ventures.